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*NEW* Virtual Pasty Sale

Peeling potatoes for last year's pasty sale.

Greetings everyone,

Hope all is well and you’re enjoying your summer as best as you can. It’s been a year of learning new ways around old challenges. With that being said, we are trying to learn a new way of thinking about fundraising, while not being able to have our normal events such as the pasty sale and even missing the Women’s Banquet this spring. 

IS ANYONE MISSING THE TASTE OF PASTY? The friendships and fellowship of the 2-day event? On a cool evening pulling a frozen pasty from your freezer and having it for dinner?  Well, I miss you all and really enjoy spending that time together in fellowship. I think this is the beginning of our Virtual Pasty Sale Fundraiser. 

Let’s think about this. We normally make over 200 pasty’s at our spring sale and sell them for $17 each. All profits from our spring sale paid for our UMW Pledge to Mission and the extra went towards our end of

the year giving to deserving local mission groups. Let’s think virtual..…no work, no fellowship, no expense for pie crust and meat, no lunch together on work day, no happy customers looking forward to our twice a year sale, and of course, no smelling onions for days on end or even the pizza party the day before.

2019 pasty preparations

Would you be willing to help with our Virtual Pasty Sale Fundraiser?  Did you donate onions, butter, money for meat, or buy 1 or 2 pasty’s to take home and share with family or friends? 

I know I always helped with the meat expense and bought a couple pasty and of course helped as much as I could.

So I can help…..can you? Remember this is just a fun REQUEST for possible donations and no real food or drink is being sold.

Can you donate $5 for a slice of pasty? Or, $12 for a whole pasty, add 2 dozen cookies?

How about $10 for 2 dozen cookies and a cup of coffee?


All donations are appreciated and with God’s blessing our pledge will be met for 2020.

Please mail donations to our Galena unit treasurer Ginny Carroll at 1399 S Irish Hollow Rd. Galena, IL , 61036. Or you may place your designated check with your giving check. We’ll make sure Ginny receives it.

All proceeds will go towards our Pledge to Mission. Each year, the Galena United Methodist

Women pledge $1025, which goes from District, to Conference and on to the UMW National office, to go towards Missions near and far, through our National office for those in need. Our pledge continually helps serve these Missions.

Blessings to all that share their gifts and we look forward to gathering back together when safe to do so.  

~The Galena UMW Team

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